Who We Are?

"ICERENT" company permanently cares about its customers. Thus company management is always ready to consider customers’ requirements and extend its services based on the customers’ requirements.

In 2016 the company has completed construction of modern refrigerator facilities according to the international standards and started its exploitation in August 2016. At the same time the company has rehabilitated existent refrigerator facilities which provide appropriate temperature conditions that ensure safe storage for all type of customers’ freights and goods.

In November 2016 the company has started operation of additional 3000-3500 tons refrigerator-storage facilities. 

Refrigerator-storage facilities are equipped with:

  • modern special techniques;
  • security service
  • fire alarm;
  • offices;
  • video control system;
  • communications;
  • enough territory for transport parking and its unimpeded movement;
  • Railway bridge, platform.